Oceanport First Aid Awards Dinner a big hit

Oceanport First Aid Awards Dinner a big hit

It was a festive occasion Sunday night at the Chanel Club in Monmouth Beach. Oceanport citizens gathered to honor First Aid members, past and present, for all they do for the community.
Former mayors Tom Cavanagh,  Gordon Gemma, and Clem Sommers and Mayor Jay Coffey were present.

Also attending were Council members Joe Irace, Stu Briskey, Richard Gallo, Patty Cooper, Ellyn Kahle and John Patti.

Other invited guests were Boro Attorney Scott Arnett, Business Administrator Ray Poerio, Fire Chief Mike Patterson, Asst. Fire Chief Tom Gallo, Greg Malinowski, WLB FA, Krista Killens, Eatontown FA, Kevin Keeshan, Monmouth Beach FA, Michael Welsh, Little Silver FA and Sam Tomaine, Long Branch FA.

The dinner committee was Joe Lombardo, Paula Lombardo, Doris Agaman, Doris Agaman, Chrissy McSorles, Kathy Kenny and John Connor.

Being honored for
their years of service

60 Years: Clem Sommers

55 Years: Ralph Marra, Ed Ryan &  Dick Hauter

50 Years: Ray Schmidt, Carl Christansen, Mike Caffyn, Gerard McGee &  Tom Mion
45 Years: Bobby Joyce & John Connor*

40 Years: Kevin Arban*, Ted Caffyn, Victor Twilliger, Peg Caffyn, Donnie Ross, Paul DePree, Curt Christansen, Frank VanBrunt, Linda Johnson & Carol Connor*

35 Years: EJ. Wright, Sue Richards, Mike Betancourt** & Diane Cook

30 Years: Edie Ryan, Fred Filippone*, MaryAnn Hussey, Joan Williams, Flo Christansen**, Marge Napolitano*, Karine Budinski**, Joe Lombardo*, Kip Bebout, Doris Agaman*, Bill McStudy, Jr., Ann Jordan** & Kathy Maida*

25 Years: Buzz Baldanza, Bob Shaw, Kerin Slattery & Jed Murphy

20 Years: Steve Tagerty, Paula Lombardo**, Don Cook**, Ray Ciani, Jill Crawford, Laura Hornung, Wes Sherman*, Laura Tagerty & Jane Ciani

15 Years: John Flynn, Christine McSorley*, Alan Johnson & Steve Briskey
10 Years: Jerry Bertekap*, Carl Ceralde*, Chris Petrillo*, Kenny Carroll*, Kim Carroll*, Kathy Kenny*, Judy Seymour*, Larry Seymour*, E.J. Wright, Jr., Richard Alt*, Harold Sutton, Richard Gallo*, Frank Lippolis*, Maggie Lippolis* & Frank Lippolis, Jr. *

5 Years: Jim Gallo, Sr., Richard Eng*, John Gallo*, Kenny Carroll, Jr.,* Jeremy Dalton*, Philip Gallo*, Chrissy Dobson, Adam Sickles*, Victoria LaPorta, Michael Lippolis* &  Colleen Brady*