Clean-Up Day in Eatontown

By Coleen Burnett
Eatontown residents once again rolled up their sleeves and got their hands dirty on April 23.
That was the date of the town’s Clean-Up Day, an annual event

Candace Faust, Donna Baginsky, Councilman Al Baginsky, and Cleanup Co-Chairs Joel and Barbara Stark.

where denizens meet up, get their hands on equipment such as  garbage bags, gloves, shovels, rakes and long-handled grabbers, and are sent out to make the borough a little bit cleaner.

There were about 75 people registered for the four-hour event.  Groups were seen all over town, from the Eatontown Museum on Broad Street (where they cleared brush in the Museum’s backyard) to Locust Cemetery on South Street (where the Mingo Jack Society picked up garbage, a tree limb, and other debris).

Mayor Dennis Connelly signing up to do his part

When the work was done, everyone was invited for pizza and soda at the borough’s senior center.