Ghostly Tradition Continues in the Time of Covid-19

The Paranormal Museum Tours Go Private

The Paranormal Museum in Asbury Park is not taking this Halloween off. Despite the limitations caused by Covid-19, the Asbury Park mainstay is still providing chills and thrills to those interested in the strange and unusual. In order to keep staff and attendees safe, the museum and bookstore,  Paranormal Books & Curiosities, have gone to a mostly private experience model.

“My main focus is the safety of my staff and my customer,” said Kathy Kelly, owner and curator, “So, we no longer offer pop-in tours, instead, each tour is private to your party. In a world that has gone mostly virtual, we are stepping back and having an analogue experience, but safely.”

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The Inner Sanctum Tour is a 2-4 hour experience inside The Paranormal Museum where attendees can get up close and personal with the haunted artifacts in the haunted location. It is proving to both popular and active with people reporting ghostly activity during their time. The popular Ghosts & Legends outside tours are also continuing as private tours this season, “In the past we would have 35-40 people on a walking tour this time of year, but that’s not responsible right now. Instead we offer private tours based on your schedule. You can book them on our website.

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We are finding that families are really enjoying the night out and appreciate knowing they are safe and with their own group.” Kelly said. In addition, Kelly is planning another Halloween Experiences that incorporate other businesses and locations in Asbury Park, details will be released shortly.

“You don’t cancel Halloween. It’s like cancelling Summer – it happens whether you plan for it or not. And we plan for it. Halloween is not a day or a date and its not just trick or treating.” Kelly said nodding. She has a few tricks up her sleeve and probably some treats as well.

Paranormal Books and Curiosities and The Paranormal Museum are housed in Kelly’s Downtown Building at 621 Cookman Avenue in Asbury Park, called Paranormal Tower.