Monmouth Beach receives $100,000 grant for new playground

By Patty Booth O’Neill
Monmouth Beach recently received $100,000 from Monmouth County Parks toward a playground they are planning to have built in Griffin St. Park near Monmouth Beach School. The school is also looking to build a new playground.

Artist rendition of how the new playground could look.

The Monmouth Beach: Project Playground (MBPP) is spearheaded by resident Courtney Wladyka. “We would like to use the same company as MB School and  have them look similar and get a better price for building two,” Courtney said. She said that now families have to go out of town to find a decent playground.

Right now MBPP is sponsoring fundraisers to raise money above the $100,000, since the estimate for the new playground is around $200,000.  “We are going to reach out to corporations to raise more money to make sure we can make the playground all inclusive for ages and handicapped,” Wladyka said.

MBPP is selling Monmouth Beach branded apparel and environmentally-friendly accessories at Little Monmouth Beach Club this summer along with tote bags and reusable straws to support the town’s new plastic bag and straw ban that was recently passed by Mayor Susan Howard and the commissioners Dave Stickle and James Cunniff.

Items are also being sold at the farmers market in town every Saturday, and outside Precious Blood on Sundays.
There will a be fundraiser on July 28 at Wladyka’s home in Monmouth Beach with live music, a DJ, food and drinks and a silent auction. Tickets are $75. Donated items for the silent auction are being accepted.

Also to raise money custom engraved bricks will be sold and placed, creating a walkway leading up to the playground.

Wladyka has high hopes for the new facility. Looking for volunteers or donations.

If you would like more information go to Monmouth Beach Project Playground on Facebook.