More Foot Patrol Around City

Long Branch — On Tuesday, Mayor John Pallone and Police Chief Jason Roebuck announced new community policing measures that will take effect in the next few days. The effort will provide more officers on foot patrol in the City’s business districts.

Chief Roebuck explained that State Urban Enterprise Zone (UEZ) funds originally supplemented the salaries of four officers to walk foot patrol in the business districts, but after the state cut the program from four officers to one, it was difficult for the police department to provide manpower for foot patrols.

Mayor Pallone requested that the Police Chief revisit the issue after the summer season.

The new measures will allow the officers remaining in the UEZ unit to increase foot time now that summer is over, and to assign another officer to the UEZ unit who will report to the substation at downtown Broadway.

This officer will be spending most of the time on foot patrol there.

“Long Branch has a police substation at downtown Broadway that is being refurbished for the UEZ officer. Another police substation at Pier Village, which was used this summer, will continue to be used for foot patrol throughout the year. A third substation at the Third Avenue train station has not been in use but may be reopened for the purpose,” said Pallone.

In addition, Chief Roebuck explained that increased foot patrols will take place both Uptown and Downtown Broadway, along the Third Avenue business district, in West End and at Pier Village.

“Watch Commanders will ensure each officer will complete a foot patrol in their zone’s business district on a daily basis. Roving patrol officers will have their pick of which district to perform their foot patrol. This will be weather

dependent. Also, those officers assigned to the day shift must still perform their school patrols,” said Roebuck.

The mayor and police chief will monitor the results of the new community policing measures and adjust as necessary.