Angie Towns employee of the month

The City of Long Branch has announced that Angie Towns, Chief Certified Municipal Registrar has been named the Employee of the Month for January 2019. Here is what the city said in its announcement:

Angie Towns is Long Branch’s most senior active employee. She has worked for the City for the past 48 years. She is always professional, friendly and possesses in-depth knowledge and experience in all phases of Registrar work. Her historical knowledge regards the City of Long Branch, its government, the health department and all things Registrar related is unparalleled. She is a valued and treasured asset.

Angie is the consummate professional. She works to establish a good relationship with each individual customer I the public; even under occasional difficult circumstances. Dealing with the public, funeral home directors, the birth record staff at Monmouth Medical Hospital and others, Angie has found that sometimes a good sense of humor is most useful and helps the ‘medicine’ go down.

Luckily for Long Branch, Ms. Towns is planning to continue working as a Registrar, City of Long Branch, for a few more years. When she does decide to retire, it will be with great sadness for her co-workers will truly miss her presence. However, we will also be extremely proud of her work record, dedication to duty and be happy for her. When that time finally arrives, we will say “well done my good and faithful public servant” and hope that she has many, many great moments and years of living in her retirement.