NFL Watch Party at the West Long Branch Community Center

The part is on Sunday, January 20 at 2:45 p.m. at the Community Center.

The event is a fundraiser to raise money is for replacement of the roof at the Community Center.

Admission is $20.00 per person for all food and beverages which are included at no charge. There will be large screen TVs.

The food is being catered by Every Detail Catering service, and the entire public is invited to attend.

The new officers of the West Long Branch Community Center for 2019 are Anthony Fontana, President; Danielle Tucci, Vice President; Carol Zocco-Sama, Treasurer; and Debbie O’Grady, Secretary.

The community center is not owned or supported by the West Long Branch government. It survives based upon event rentals held there and fundraising events sponsored by the Center Executive Board.