Beyond the Curtain with D.W. Gregory

D.W.’s plays frequently explore political issues through a personal lens and with a comedic twist. The New York Times called her “a playwright with a talent to enlighten and provoke” for her most produced work, Radium Girls, about the famous case of industrial poisoning. Other plays include Molumby’s Million, nominated for a Barrymore Award by Philadelphia Theatre Alliance; The Good Daughter (NJ Rep), October 1962 (NJ Rep), Memoirs of a Forgotten Man (NJ Rep); and a new musical comedy, The Yellow Stockings Play.

“The New Jersey Repertory Company in Long Branch is a godsend to audiences and, especially, playwrights – a skillful, professional ensemble dedicated solely to performing new works. It is nearly impossible to overpraise the importance of its mission at a time when play-it-safe productions are the norm.”The New York Times