County Clerk Hanlon Advises Residents to Verify that their Voter Registration, Mailing Address & Signature are Current

FREEHOLD, NJ Due to the State mandate declaring the Nov. 3 General Election as a primarily vote by mail election, Monmouth County Clerk Christine Giordano Hanlon is strongly advising Monmouth County voters to update or verify their registration and signature information with the Monmouth County Superintendent of Elections Office and Monmouth County Clerk’s Election Office.

It is recommended that all registered voters have an up-to-date signature and physical address, and if necessary, mailing address on file with the County’s Election Offices. Residents who have recently moved within Monmouth County are urged to complete a voter registration form to update their address. Voters who wish to update their signature on file can do so by submitting a new voter registration form and checking off the “Signature Update” box on the form.

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This form should be submitted to the County Superintendent of Elections as soon as possible and prior to the State voter registration deadline of Tue., Oct. 13. Voter registration forms are available for download on the County Clerk’s website,, and free Monmouth County Votes Mobile App.

The County Clerk’s Election Office relies on the voter registration rolls for accuracy of addresses when mailing ballots to voters. To help keep the most accurate records, any election mail that is delivered to your residence and is addressed to someone who does not currently live there, should be put back in the mail and marked “return to sender.”

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For residents who have lost a loved one and want to remove him or her from the voter rolls, a family member or next of kin must send a signed letter to the County Superintendent of Elections Office at 300 Halls Mill Road in Freehold. The letter must indicate that the person who passed away should be removed from the rolls, and must include the deceased person’s name, address, date of birth, and a copy of the death certificate.

Voters who will be away between late September and Nov. 3, Election Day, can request to have their General Election ballot sent to an alternate mailing address. Voters are urged to make this request to the County Clerk’s Election Office as soon as possible, either in writing or by submitting a vote by mail ballot application.