Long Branch deems South Seaview Tower imminent hazard – owner has 24 hours to raze

Mayor John Pallone announced Thursday January 14th that the South tower at Seaview Towers has now been elevated to an Imminent Hazard which will speed up demolition of the building. For the safety of the residents, road closures will be posted around the property beginning today.

An aerial view shows the caved in roof of the south tower.

The City engineer conducted a structural inspection that determined the south tower to be an Imminent Hazard. At this time, the City has notified the property owners of this status and has given them 24 hours to take down the building.

If the property owner fails to abide by the City’s order to demolish the building, the City will proceed to demolish the tower and recapture the cost by a lien to be placed on the property. The City building official will also proactively seek access to the north tower to ensure that the same hazard does not exist there.

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Out of an abundance of caution, there will be road closures in the area of North Bath to South Bath Ave to both vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Part of the boardwalk will also be closed.

“We have notified the property owners and if they do not demolish the south tower, we will do it. A lien will be put on the property and this will not be an expense to the taxpayers. This building needs to come down as soon as possible,” Mayor Pallone stated.