What the Uprising is Really About

Jelani Cobb, professor Columbia University

“This fight is against the allied forces mostly forged by Black women and other minority groups…marginally since the end of Civil War has been a mechanism for reducing or curating the electorate to reduce the number of black people or eliminate the number of black people who can/could eventually participate. And so what we are seeing now is a modern incarnation of this.

Now when you saw the tremendous astounding organizing that happened in Georgia, really throughout the country, there was a turnout that could deliver the presidency to Joe Biden, in this central place that African American voters mobilized by an army of Black women. … central place that those voters played, that is the very definition of illegitimacy in their eyes, that is what they are voting against… The idea of illegitimacy is that you lose, because all these people are never supposed to be citizens in the first place and have cast decisive ballots.  That is what we are talking about…” Jelani Cobb, professor Columbia University on the Jonathan Capehart Sunday Show.

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Mr. Cobb has put into words, with historical reference, an explanation that I have been trying to articulate in my mind for days, for this MAGA fight to turn over the election, stop the steal movement that led to an insurrection at Capitol Hill.

Stacey Abrams knows the history Georgia, her home state, which is why she is the director of Fair Fight. She was defeated by now Governor Brian Kemp. Thomas Perez, chair, Democratic National Committee, stated he sued Kemp for voter suppression, when an Assistant Attorney General in the Civil Rights Division of the Obama Administration. He said Kemp was the king of voter suppression.

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LaTosha Brown, co-founder Black Voters Matter, traveled by bus during the 2016, 2018 and 2020 elections to register voters in rural areas to educate them on their rights, the constitution and their voice in our government.

Trump believed Republicans would lose if there was a large voter turnout, in a tone as if he is not a Republican. So, what did he do, he went after eliminating the African-American votes rather than seeking their inclusion.

How dare these Black women and their allies join forces like some national campaign and have the audacity to succeed in delivering the presidency to Biden and Harris.

How dare an African-American woman become second in line to the presidency.

And how ironic that the Democratic party, once the pro-slavery party, on the backs of black women, catapulted to new heights of political power. Doing what others would not do, motivated by the unfairness in this democracy that gives all citizens the right to vote.

The party of Lincoln that freed slaves in confederate states, yet, to only become the adversary of the descendants of freed slaves. If only Republicans had remained loyal to the most loyal of groups.

African American History
1892 – William D. McCoy, from Indiana, is appointed the minister of Liberia, Africa, Liberia was settled by freed slaves from America, without property or education.

1985 – Reuben V. Anderson first African American appointed judge to the Mississippi Supreme Court

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Ms. Martin is an educator, freelance writer and 2008 Monmouth University Dr. King Unsung Hero award.