Helping Seniors, Small Business and Restaurant Employees, and People with Disabilities Get the Vaccine

By Vin Gopal, Eric Houghtaling and Joann Downey
Our office is helping to schedule Legislative District 11 residents who are seniors 65 and older, small business and restaurant employees, and persons with disabilities for Covid-19 vaccinations.

We are working with our partners in healthcare throughout District 11 to make this happen. We already have scheduled thousands of residents in the three categories and hundreds more requests are pending. Here’s how it works.

Start by choosing the category that applies to you -  Seniors, at; Business,, or Disability, at – and answer the questions on the registration form.

You will need to register with your own cell phone number and email. Please provide the best phone number to reach you and double check that you entered it correctly. Use an email address and phone number unique to you. If multiple people use the same contact information, it will cause delays in registration.

Only fill out your information once to prevent further delays in the registration process and please be patient as we are handling hundreds of requests a week. We will send you a confirmation email that we received your registration. This may take up to a week.

Keep watching your email once you register for an email from the LD11 Team with a consent form that you may have to fill out and submit to the facility administering the vaccine. You may not get this email – it depends on whether the vaccination site you are being scheduled for requires that you fill out a consent form. Once you submit your consent form, reply to the LD11 email to confirm you have completed and submitted it.

Please answer your phone even when you do not recognize the caller’s number as it may be from the facility administering the vaccines or one of our LD11 staff members calling to confirm your appointment. Either the facility giving the vaccine or the LD11 Team will contact you to follow up regarding your information; either to confirm that we received the information you submitted or to give you an appointment date and time.

We are scheduling individuals to receive a vaccination appointment on a rolling basis. We will contact you by phone or email as soon as we have an appointment for you. You should note vaccine distribution depends on availability and we cannot match you to a specific vaccine.

If you get an appointment to be vaccinated someplace else after registering with us, please contact our office so we can take you off of our list of individuals looking to receive a vaccine.

We urge all Legislative District 11 residents to get vaccinated and to register for a vaccination as soon as it is available to you. Even as eligibility to receive a vaccine expands, please continue to follow the CDC guidelines for mask wearing, social distancing and thorough and frequent handwashing.

Each day that we take these steps to protect ourselves and our families, and thousands more New Jersey residents get vaccinated, we move closer to safely resuming normal life and returning to the things we love.

Stay safe.