Monmouth University Mayor’s Book Club kicks off

By Patty Booth O’Neill
“So, do you think you will read 1000 books?” Long Branch Mayor Adam Schneider asked. He was talking to first grade students from Anastasia School, who were about to take the pledge to do just that.

The program, introduced by the School of Education at Monmouth University, focuses on promoting a strong collaboration among the school, home, and broader community. It is designed to support and enhance the literacy development of first graders.

The thousand books averages out to about eight books per child. Each school that reads at least 1,000 books over a four-month period will be given $1,000 to be spent on books for their first-grade classroom libraries.

The event began with great fanfare with cheerleaders lining the “red carpet” yelling and waving their pompoms as honored guests made their way through the line.

Laughing and smiling Mary Brennan, MU student Sarah Meyer and Dr. MaryLee Bass, representing Monmouth University made their way through the line followed by first grade teachers Gina Keagle and Janice Mozee. Schneider made his way down the carpet and the two first grade classes were introduced.

Adam sat in front of the auditorium to kick off the event by reading a book to the students. “Of course it’s not 1000 books each,” he assured them. He began by reading “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” by Dr. Seuss. “This will be considered the first book out of the thousand.” the Mayor said.

After reading a few pages Brennan took over the chair and then Meyer and Dr. Bass. When the book was finished  the children lined up on stage and took an oath to read and received a reading badge.

Mayor’s ·Book Club Readers
Miss Keagle’s students, are Sophia Amoras, Lucas Bates, Myian Bishop, Rory Burkhardt, Flor Castro-Martinez, Dora Castro-Nicolas, Britney Delima, Mia Galicia, Nasean Green, Carl Griffin, Ja’Quis Johnson-Logan, Kaeleigh Maclennan, Miguel Maldonado, Miguel Marcial Jr., Axel Montes-Ramirez, Fiona Rizzo, Laila Rodriguez, Dillon Ruland, Evan Santiago, Maricela Siri-Umana and  Jazmarie Worsley.

Mrs. Mozee’s students, are Michelle Bacon, Jose Barrios-Mejia, Matthew Beshai Jaylen Brooks, Evan Buck, Alexa Chevez, Anna Victoria Duarte, Yazlin Feliz, Abbigaile Franco-Giron, Amir Gonzalez, Jennifer Hernandez Vanega, Joseph Itzol, Stafon Kendrick, Aidan McVey, Andrew Mendes,  Giovanni Migliaccio, Daniel Moreno, Evelyn Ortiz-Lopez,  Nicholas Perez-Cisneros and Katherine Perez-Mora.

Locally Eatontown Mayor Gerald Tarantolo is also involved in The Mayor’s Book Club with first grade teachers from Woodmere Elementary School, Danielle Feintuch and Tami Smith.

The sponsors of the Mayor’s Book Club are Atlantic City Electric, Investors Bank, JCP&L, NJ American Water, NJ Natural Gas/NJ Natural Resources, and PSE&G.