Pit bull attack in Long Branch

Long Branch — The Long Branch Health Department Animal Control Program issued three summonses on May 17 against the owner of a pit bull: for allowing the animal to run at large, for failure to obtain a license, and for a dangerous dog.

The animal was located on Oakley Avenue.

According to Health Officer David Roach, the pit bull escaped its property by clearing a fence. It attacked the neighbors in their yard, ran through their closed screen door, and attacked a Shih Tzu in their home.

Police and animal control officers responded to the scene. The owner of the pit bull was not present during the attack.

The Shih Tzu ultimately died from the wounds. One of the ownners needed emergency medical treatment from wonds suffered trying to prevent injury to his dog.

The Health Department says it will prosecute the owner of the pit bull to the full extent of the law. Animal control will be seeking the maximum fine for all three violations in court.
The pit bull is currently quarantined by animal control officers and the investigation is continuing.
Residents are urged to contact the Long Branch Police Department or Long Branch Health Department to report dogs running at large.