Monmouth Beach EMS honors lifesaver, welcomes Daisy Troop

Monmouth Beach — The Monmouth Beach EMS recently honored Jeremy Julio, assistant manager at the Monmouth Beach Bathing Pavilion.

EMS 2nd Lt.James Dolan presents Jeremy Julio (right) with an award for saving a man’s life during the summer.

He put his CPR skills to work just prior to the start of a beach day in July of 2017.

A 64-year-old Newark man collapsed coming out of the ocean, just before 9 a.m. Julio grabbed the AED (automatic external defibrillator) and shocked the man and started CPR. He performed several cycles of CPR before the man started breathing on his own and regained consciousness.

The Monmouth Beach EMS and Jeremy Julio were nominated for call of the year at the NJ Statewide Conference on EMS. Although neither won the award it was an honor to be nominated.

The Monmouth Beach EMS wanted Jeremy to know how much they appreciate his efforts.

Daisy Troop visits EMS

The Monmouth beach EMS starts their recruitment early. They hosted the Monmouth Beach Daisy Troop recently.

The scouts learned how to call 911 for help. They also learned the importance of their house having a number and someone waiting at the door to let the police and EMS in.

They then went inside the ambulance and saw some of the equipment used to move patients out of their homes. They enjoyed the presentation. The EMS awaits their applications when they are 17!