To endorse or not endorse

By Patty O’Neill
The Link News hosted a debate on Tuesday night, that if you missed you can still watch on The Link Facebook page. It was held at the Historic Long Branch High School and the auditorium was filled.
Thank you to Superintendent Michael Salvatore for allowing us the use of the facility.

As nervous as some of the candidates were, they still made their points well, I was impressed with most of them.

The audience was so quiet for mayoral candidates Adam Schneider, Avery Grant and John Pallone. A little more verbal and unruly for the council candidates.

There were some kooks in the audience, I can’t say I wasn’t one of them.

I know that politics take people to places they don’t need to go, fueled by passion and their need to win. And, as the saying goes, “Politics makes strange bedfellow”. I’ve known Adam, Avery and John and their families for years. I enjoy talking to them, and would like that to continue after this election.

I’ve met some disturbing people during this campaign, some new, some old waiting under their rock for the right time. The coward with the pufferfish syndrome.

But here’s some things I don’t believe in my heart.

I don’t believe Adam is a crook.
I don’t believe he took this city down the tubes.

I don’t understand how people keep saying that the oceanfront is getting all the attention when it’s obvious that so much more is going on in other areas of town. It insults the intelligence and misinforms the uninformed.

I do believe it has been bad for the town. I’m looking forward to the election being over.

I will be endorsing Adam for Mayor and Kate Billings, Joy Bastelli, Michael Sirianni, Adam Ponsi and Diana Dos Santos for the rest of the Schneider ticket.