Grant: We’ll keep working

Long Branch — Avery Grant and his running mates Edward Anastasio  and Dennis Mikolay, say that they will stay involved in Long Branch.

“We’ll keep working within the city,” Grant said. “I think the new administration will be more receptive to the people.”

Grant and Mayor Adam Schneider had clashed on a number of issues over the years.

Mikolay posted a concession speech on Facebook, and asked The Link to run it:

“First, I would like to extend congratulations to Mayor-elect John Pallone and the entire ‘Long Branch First’ Team on their victory. This was likely the most divisive race in our city’s history, and I hope they are able to successfully reunify our divided city and restore the public’s faith in their government. Because the success of the Mayor-elect and his running mates would be to our benefit as a community, I wish them the best during their coming term.

“Many may be surprised to hear I am not upset by my loss. While I would have been honored to serve as a member of the City Council, it was apparently not meant to be. However, that doesn’t mean our campaign was ‘unsuccessful.’ Quite the contrary, a great deal was accomplished (and on a shoestring budget, no less). This was a completely clean campaign, free of mudslinging or ad hominem attacks, based entirely around the issues impacting our community. I met countless wonderful people during this campaign, made new friends, and had experiences I will always cherish.

“I was able to run down-ballot from Avery Grant, a man whom I respect and admire greatly for his belief that civic duty should exist in an uncorrupted form: virtuous, selfless, and independent. I was able to run alongside Edward W. Anastasio, who would have made an outstanding Council-member given his unprejudiced desire to do what is right for Long Branch (and people in general).

“Today, 575 voters cast their ballots for me. That might not seem like a lot, but it means the world to me. To have even a single vote is an honor, but to know I connected with 575 people, and that they trusted me to represent them in City Hall, is a privilege few will ever enjoy. That’s humbling.
“Thank you to everyone who worked, volunteered, or contributed to the campaign.

“Thank you to everyone who voted for my ticket. Please don’t drop out of sight now that the election is over. Just because the campaign ended on May 8th, it doesn’t mean our work for this community is finished.
“Onward to our next project!”