Jackson leaves E’town for Long Branch City Administrator

By Coleen Burnett

Eatontown — At the September 26th meeting of the Eatontown Council, it was time to say goodbye to an old friend.

It was Borough Administrator George Jackson’s last session. As previously reported in The Link, Jackson has left his job in Eatontown to assume the same position in the city of Long Branch, effective October 1.

Several people popped in to the meeting to express their regrets about Jackson’s departure. Former Councilman Mark Gonzalez said he was sorry Jackson is leaving.

“Long Branch will be lucky to have you,” he said.

“I don’t know how we’re going to replace you,” said Council President Patty May-Kelly.

Councilwoman Bridget Harris said she was sorry that she only got to work with Jackson for nine months. She said it was a “pleasure” to deal with him on an everyday basis. “I wish you the best of luck,” she said, adding “I appreciated you for having an open door.”

Councilman Anthony Talerico said Jackson always treated him with respect. “There was never a time when he didn’t make it clear that his job was to serve the people sitting up here {on council}.”

Before becoming administrator in 2007, Jackson served in the police department for over 31 years, where he rose all the way to the rank of Chief. Mayor Dennis Connelly, himself a former Eatontown policeman, remembered a “ticket writing machine” who always did his best.

“George has always been a problem solver, a great judge of character, and a dedicated worker. That’s what he did every day for this town,” he said.

For his part Jackson paid tribute to his predecessor as borough administrator, Mike Trotta, who died in 2015. “He was a super, super guy… it was a great loss. He was a big part of my life,” said Jackson.

He also paid tribute to his so-workers in Borough Hall. “I couldn’t be prouder of the people I’m leaving behind,” he said.

“I’ve had a great run… this town has made so many things possible for me. “Thank you very much.”