Zero Tolerance Approach Adopted by LBPD for Unsafe Bicycling!

Over the last year, especially in the summer, we have received numerous complaints about youths riding bicycles in and out of traffic, while performing “wheelies”, in all sections of the City.

We have also received complaints that they are doing the same on the Boardwalk and Promenade. When confronted by civilians, the response has not been something we like to see in the “Friendly City”.

Because they are juveniles, we have been extremely tolerant, and given them repeated warnings. Due to the careless nature of this type of cycling is not only extremely dangerous to the rider, but also causes a traffic hazard to motorists and pedestrians. The danger to both the cyclist and the motorists is too great for any more warnings. The safety of everyone is our first priority.

LBPD Officers will be taking a “Zero tolerance” approach for these bicyclists and will be issuing summonses for improper cycling.

Below is a list of some of the summonses that could possibly be written. NOTE that If the bicyclists are juveniles, they along with their bicycle, will be transported to headquarters to have a parent/guardian pick them up.

39:4-10 Light on bicycle
39:4-10.1 Helmets required Under 17 years of age
39:4-11 Audible Device required
39:4-12 Position of hands and feet (i.e. riding without holding handlebars, wheelies, etc.)
39:4-14.2 Operation of bicycle upon Road (must keep right)

-Chief Roebuck