Foreigner band members work with NJ songwriter Angel Vigier

Local singer/song writer Angel Vigier joins the BMI family and is ready to release a new single off his new studio album titled “Life is A Celebration – Already There.”

President and CEO of BMI Mike O’Neill with singer/songwriter Angel Vigier of Long Branch.

Angel was born and raised in Elizabeth, with his single mom and nine siblings, who moved often, landing in Long Branch. Growing up Angel always had a knack for singing which led him to become an award winning vocalist by coming in first place at the McDonalds Gospel Festival at The Prudential Center, Newark.

Angel, whose voice lives up to his name, began writing and recording originals in late 2013 with his first band The Earth Tones, which includes local musicians Lou Morreale and Chris Michael. They combined Angel’s voice with a pop retro sound that has been making heads turn since the early stages of his musical career.

While working with local writer/producer Ron Hanney, Morreale introduced Angel to award Winning singer song writer Jacob Bunton who flew in from Los Angeles to write and record with Angel in 2015.

Soon after, Jacob went back to LA with several of Angel’s tracks and brought him to the attention of a few folks in the music industry and immediately caught the keen ear of the great song writer Jeff Pilson.

Pilson, of Foreigner, is quoted as saying “As a producer, he’s a dream come true.” “as a writer, he’s dream come true.” “Angel has one of the best voices I’ve worked wi th, heard, been around, seen.”

Jeff, together with his current band mates from the classic rock band Foreigner, Mike Bluestein and Bruce Watson, co-wrote and produce a new studio album with Angel. They are all very excited with the results.

There is an abundance of experience that went into the recording of “life is a Celebration – I’m Already There”. Jeff Pilson, best known for his work with the SO’s rock bands Dokken, War and Peace and Lynch, also had a principle roll in the movie “Rock Star” alongside the likes of Jason Bohnam, Mark Wahlberg and Jennifer Aniston.

Foreigner band member Michael Bluesmen has worked With artists Boz Scaggs, Stevie Nicks, Enrique Iglesias and Anastasia. Michael was also a member of Jimmy Kimmel’s House Band.

Last but certainly not least, the very talented Bruce Watson. Bruce, also a current member of Foreigner, has had the privilege of working with the late great BB King, Rod Stewart, Christina Aguilera, Elton John, Sara Bareilles and Gavin DeGraw, just to name a few.

In addition, Bruce has worked on hundreds of TV Shows, commercials and film. Bruce has been quoted saying “Angel’s voice is jaw dropping. He has limitless range with a gorgeous tone and great vocal control. As a musician and a guy, he’s a pleasure to work with. He has a super strong work ethic and takes suggestions and direction really well. It’s like ‘Angel, gimme something’ and he will deliver.”

The band managed to write and record “Life is a Celebration – Already There” during their heavy 2016 touring schedule, splitting time between LA and New York. Angel’s new studio album is scheduled to be released in early 2017. The single set to release in the coming weeks along with his new video “Life’s a Celebration.”

The video was recorded here in Monmouth County by the very talented, up and coming local film maker Daniel Friedman of DMF Films. Dan is very excited about the release, feeling energized by the tracks. Local legendary Rock and Roll photographer Mark Weiss is working with Angel on the album cover. Vigier and Morreale are excited for everyone to see the new video.
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