Scouts plant sea grass in Monmouth Beach

By Teja Anderson
Six Scouts from Troop #1 Monmouth Beach accomplished quite a feat last week by planting over 1,000 dune grass bundles in just three hours.

The Sea Brighters Embracing Action (SEA) Group organized and paid for the dune grass planting in SB and MB in an effort to enhance and protect our town’s dunes from further erosion and damage from past and future storms.

These Scouts were impressive in their dedication and diligence and worked together like a true team. This, along with the $28,358,886.60 grant MB and SB have just received from FEMA (finally!) representing 90 percent of the total cost of repairing and restoring the seawall post Sandy, will go a long way in protecting both our borough’s fragile coast lines in the near future.

This has become an annual event for Troop #1 after Eagle Scout Paul Wedel dedicated his Eagle Scout Project to Dune Grass planting.

The Scouts have continued on doing the project each year. They are a very active Troop and most of their outings are outdoors in all types of weather. The beach is where most of these kids spend their summers and when they see the dunes come back, due to the grass they planted in years past it is something the can really reflect and feel good about.

Scouts who planted: William Bottcher; Tenderfoot, Patrol Leader,  Sons of Liberty, Matt Katzenberger; Tenderfoot, Assistant Patrol Leader, Sons of Liberty,  Evan Drach; Tenderfoot, Historian, Sons of Liberty, Cole Tellechea; Tenderfoot, Librarian, Sons of Liberty Jimmy Treshock; Tenderfoot and Chaplain, Sons of Liberty and Tyler Husar, Tenderfoot and Secretary, Sons of Liberty.