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Mayor Gerald Tarantolo of Eatontown wants to acquire Mallette Hall (shown in the center of the picture) in the now closed Fort Monmouth as a new Borough Hall to replace the currently overcrowded building on Broad Street.

Move Could Cost $15M

Estimate fans flames in already controversial proposal By Jonathan Weber Eatontown — The first estimates of the cost of moving the currently overcrowded Borough Hall on Broad Street to Mallette Hall in the now closed Fort Monmouth once again brought … Continue reading

Council President Anthony Talerico: “We are using money already bonded for. I am not in a position (to make a decision) until I have all this information.  This is all information that we need.”

Eatontown battle: Mallette Hall

Originally published Aug. 18, 2011 By Jonathan Weber Eatontown — Mayor Gerald Tarantolo’s hopes of receiving Mallette Hall gratis from the closing of Fort Monmouth for a new Borough Hall continues to draw harsh remarks and ill will along party … Continue reading