Lion’s Strawberry Festival coming soon

The Oceanport Lions’ 2019 Strawberry Fair returns to Monmouth Park Racetrack in Oceanport from Wednesday, May 29th through Sunday, June 2nd. Read More >>

Gem of the Jersey Shore

By Patty Booth O’Neill

Long Branch – It’s just as impressive on the inside as it is on the outside. The Wave Resort is one of the more recognizable and talked about new hotels on the boardwalk due to its wave inspired architecture. Read More >>

Garage Sale Weekend May 18 and 19

The City of Long Branch’s annual Garage Sale weekend is this Saturday and Sunday. Here is a list of participating places submitted to the paper: Read More >>

Pogwist runs for council on trees, taxes and traffic platform

By Neil Schulman

Ocean Township — Ray Pogwist, the former chair of the Ocean Township Environmental Commission and prize-wining beekeeper, is running for a seat on council in next week’s election on a three-T platform: trees, taxes, and traffic. Read More >>

Nine people looking for five seats in Ocean

By Walter J. O’Neill Jr

Ocean Township — May 14, the residents will have to decide which of the nine people running for council will get the five seats up for vote. Ocean holds nonpartisan elections, meaning it does not matter what political party affiliation they have. Read More >>

Irate Irace wants harasser to be exposed

Editor’s Note: This article contains references to parts of the male anatomy some may find offensive. In our next issue there are reports of worse “pranks”.


By Walter J. O’Neill, Jr

Oceanport — Saturday afternoon was a normal day for Joe Irace as he and his family were preparing for Easter Sunday. The mood quickly changed after a package arrived. Read More >>

Zero Tolerance Approach Adopted by LBPD for Unsafe Bicycling!

Over the last year, especially in the summer, we have received numerous complaints about youths riding bicycles in and out of traffic, while performing “wheelies”, in all sections of the City.


Man baracades himself in house

Long Branch schools were on shutdown on Wednesday morning due to an incident taking place on 6th Ave. Read More >>

Mon. Beach is stricter on non-resident rates this year

By Neil Schulman

Monmouth Beach — Mayor Susan Howard says that 90 percent of the applications for the beach club this year have gone through without a hitch, but some people are having issues as the borough works to enforce laws on out-of-town members paying out-of-town costs. Read More >>

Bartlett and Herr lead Spartans over Dragons

By Walter J. O’Neill, Jr

Saturday morning the Spartans girls lacrosse team at Ocean Township High School hosted the Dragons of Brick Township in a nondivisional Shore Conference game.