Sterns Trailer powers past RKE Athletic 131-119

By Walter J. O’Neill, Jr

Tuesday of last week Sterns Trailer beat RKE Athletic 131-119 in Jersey Shore Basketball League action. The games are played at St. Rose High School in Belmar and feature Division 1 and professional basketball players.


Driving to the hoop for Sterns Trailer is Larry Smith (3) who finished with 15 points in the win over RKE Athletic.

From the beginning Sterns Trailer was in complete control of the game. Neil Thompson, graduate of Monmouth Regional and Brookdale, was the top man for Sterns with 33 points. He just missed a triple double as he had 15 assists and seven rebounds.

Jerome Hubbard, Neptune HS and Stockton graduate, holds the JSBL for three-point shots in a season. He is normally dead-on from outside the arch. The RKE Athletic game was only his second of the season, and he took 23 shots from the three-point area making eight. He finished with 31 points.

Mike Aaman, Raritan HS and Wagner College, finished with 22 points and 13 rebounds. The 6’10” center also had one block. Larry Smith who played at North Texas had 15 and Matt Ringel finished with 12 points.

Currently Sterns is in first place with a 4-1 record. They are followed by Larson Ford, Orthopaedic Institute, Seaview Jeep, RKE Athletic, and Doughboys.

Dage Dayne (10) of RKE Athletic scored 48 points in the 131-119 loss to Sterns Trailer. Dayne leads the JSBL in scoring with 160 points.

Gage Dayne from Bloomfield College, led his RKE squad with 48 points. He also leads the JSBL in scoring with 160 points. Mason Jones from Albertus Mangus, finished with 30, Justin Leith from UNC-Wilmington, finished with 21 points, 23 rebounds and nine assists. Nick Davidson scored 20 points for RKE in the loss.

Sterns Trailer is one of the veteran squads in the league. They were JSBL champions in 2005 with a 106-95 win over Financial USA and in 2012 they beat T&T Coast 110-100. Ron Pastore, former head coach at Long Branch High School and now an assistant at the national powerhouse Brookdale Community College, has been the general manager and head coach since it entered the league.

Pastore, like all the coaches in the JSBL, find themselves each week wondering which of their players will show up. “Many of the guys plays overseas or the Division 1 players have camps or other obligations,” said Pastore. Good coaches know this and always have a few tricks up their sleeve. “I have a few guys on speed dial when I need them.”

RKE Athletic makes their return to the JSBL this summer. Back in 2000 they won the league title and then left the league. Now after 18 years they are back and most of their players are from T&T Coast, which won the title in 2007 and 2010, but did not return this summer.

Rock ‘n Roll Royalty Rocks Monmouth Beach

“Who are you? I really want to know.” Roger Harry Daltrey brought his band of brothers to Monmouth Beach last week to help celebrate Lori and Steve Silverman’s summer extravaganza.

Roger Daltrey rocking away with host Steve Silverman.

Special thanks for being invited to the party of the year (again)! Although, the downside is I’m kind of ruined for future concerts “Hey Richie, you want to go see this concert?”

“Where are the seats?”

“400, 300, 200, 100 level?”

“What?! I’m sorry – I’m used to being front row just 10 feet away from the bestselling artists in history.”

Lori Silverman singing with Roger Daltrey

If you’re still scratching your head you probably know Daltrey more as the lead singer for the English rock band The Who, formed in 1964. Yes, that’s correct, The Who, who has sold more than 100 million records.

They played on a beautiful summer’s day just a few minutes from wherever you were last week. While the band has had its share of players over the years its current lineup speaks to not only my generation but the generation that followed us.

Its current touring line up has the incredible Roger Daltrey singing lead and he’s still got ‘it”! Known for his powerful vocals and rock god good looks, he was excellent while leaving quite a few women gasping for air.

His career has spanned more than 50 years, but you would have never known it ‘cause he was very engaged with the audience, laughing and telling stories about almost every song. I’ve been fortunate to be present for other Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Famers but no other artist seemed to enjoy their show as much as he did.

Richie Schwartz

Joining Daltrey was Simon Townshend on acoustic and electric guitars while singing back up on most songs and taking the lead on “Going Mobile.”

There was much more on the entire set list but let me introduce some of the other members of the current lineup. His name is not a typo – if you’re trying to figure out the connection, Simon Townshend is actually the younger brother of The Who’s principle song writer and lead guitarist, Pete Townshend.

Keeping things in the royal family on drums was Zak Starkey. That’s Richard Starkey’s son – maybe you know the father more by his Beatle’s name – Ringo Starr. Starkey has been playing with the Who since the 90’s.

On lead guitar was Frank Turner Simes, who not only serves as musical director, but he tore up every lead and brought power to the power pop songs that many of us grew up with. He was literally a foot from me and I got a great picture of my friend, Linda “Little Feet” Robentello – a local poet and songwriter, with Frank. I’ve included it with this write up; I hope it makes the paper along with many other pictures.

Rounding out the band was John Button on bass and John Corey on keyboards with both singing backing vocals.

For those of you that have followed my columns in the past you’ll know that I believe a show is often only as good as the songs one hears. Perhaps you’ve even gone to concert only to be disappointed that you didn’t get the hits you had come to hear? This was not one of those shows! As a matter of fact, Daltrey shared that Steve Silverman – our host and resident shredder – actually picked out all the songs for the show.

So without further ado let me share a little bit more on the high energy set that went close to 90 minutes.

It’s interesting to note that a few announcements were made before the band took the stage: No drinks on the stage and NO SMOKING of any kind anywhere under the tent. Daltrey has stated that he’s negatively affected by marijuana smoke. Just a few years ago he almost stopped an entire concert at the Nassau Coliseum because he smelled a joint burning. This is not your typical stoner rocker!

So what did they open up with you might ask? I was hoping for Eminence Front in large part from the line “come and join the party dressed to kill!” Which most guests do in spades. Sadly, that was my only miss for the day. They actually started with a Tommy Overture, doing pieces of the rock opera, Tommy. Tommy was and still is today a masterpiece of creative vision.

A first for its time, Tommy was a concept album about the life of a deaf, dumb and blind boy and his attempt to communicate with others.

Townshend has shared many times that he “wanted the story of Tommy to have several levels . . . a rock singles level and a bigger concept level.” When the album was released in May, 1969, it sold an amazing 200,000 copies in its first two weeks in the US.

Life magazine wrote that “for sheer power, invention, and brilliance of performance, Tommy outstrips anything which has ever come out of a recording studio.” Melody Maker went on to write, “Surely, The Who, are now the band against which all others are to be judged.”

For me, I’ll always remember the movie that followed with Daltrey playing the character of Tommy himself. Perhaps it was the sexy Ann Margaret – who played his young mother – that left a more indelible impression. Tina Turner as the Gypsy, Acid Queen was equally captivating and no one will ever forget Elton John as the Gigantic Pinball Wizard.

It was Pinball Wizard that followed the Overture and anyone would know that opening guitar riff as it’s like no other. Oddly enough Townshend said he wrote Pinball Wizard with an eye towards a New York Times journalist, Nik Cohn. Cohn was said to be an avid pinballer and he hoped that Cohn would give the album a better review by including one of Cohn’s passions.

Growing up on the Jersey shore I also loved Pinball, and Bradley Beach had two arcades where I would spend hours and hours pumping quarters in the machines. “I thought I was the Bally table king, but I’ve got to hand my pinball crown to him.”

The next song of the evening was “Who are You.” Released in 1978 it might have gotten overlooked by the death of their original drummer, Keith Moon shortly thereafter. The lyrics of “Who are You” were inspired by many hours of drinking with Steve Jones and Paul Cook of Sex Pistols fame.

Townshend was found in a “SoHo doorway” by a policeman, who said he would let him go *IF he could safely walk away. Years later Who are You became more of an outburst for the younger generation against the older establishment. There are lines in that song that could be used today but newspaper standards prevent me from re-writing them here.

A more obscure cut followed with the song entitled, Another Tricky Day. It was said that the lyrics were inspired by current events of that time and that there was “no social crisis”, saying that this (or any) so-called dilemma is “just another tricky day.” When Daltrey introduced the song he said he had recently seen some footage of our US Congress grilling members of the FBI. He shared that he rarely watches any news but the song fit today just as it did decades ago.

What followed was one of my favorites, because “no one knows what it’s like to be the man Behind Blue Eyes.”

Behind Blue Eyes could have been the inspiration of Townshend’s second rock opera but it never came to be. He had written it for the central character that was always angry and full of angst. For me personally, it’s probably been a little too close to home with my Blue eyes and sometimes “anger management” challenges. Things are not always going to go the way you think they should but how one handles them is really the most important thing I have to remind myself of that often!

Behind Blue Eyes is also one of the first songs I ever thought I sounded pretty good on through my amp while playing guitar.

Without a doubt, Getting in Tune was a major highlight of the concert because Lori Silverman – our most gracious hostess – jumped up on stage and sang with Daltrey. She couldn’t have been any happier and so were all of her guests for her.

Originally released on the 1971 album, Who’s Next, Getting in Tune was praised for its changes in tempo and use of dynamics. Its lyrics describes the power of music . . . need I say more? The song Athena followed which was inspired by a failed encounter for Townshend with the actress Teresa Russel. He was crushed when she didn’t return his infatuations.

After that came I Can See For Miles from the 1967 album, The Who Sell Out.

For its time it represented many of the more complex ways bands like the Beatles, the Beach Boys and The Who were recording. Recording pieces of the song were done in London, New York, and Los Angeles and then all pulled together as if it was done in one central location. Oddly enough it was the highest single to every track within the top 10 in the US yet Townshend thought it was going to be their first number one. For as good as they were (and still are), they’ve never had a number one song.

Simon Townshend took the lead for “Going Mobile” and he did not disappoint. He’s quite a talent in his own right having performed with many other bands including Pearl Jam, Dave Grohl and Jeff Beck. Daltrey even complimented him for the speed at which he can play. His vocals were also spot on. Lyrically, it speaks to the freedom and lust for life and adventure while “watching the police and the taxman miss me – I’m mobile.”

“The Real Me” followed which first came out in 1973’s Quadrophenia. In this song, the central character is a young English Mod named Jimmy, who has four distinct personalities. “Don’t Jam Me” Jimmy, are you reading this? This song describes how he’s trying to identify “the real me” to different people in his life. At one time during the career, the real me was often used to close shows.

“Squeeze Box” followed with an introduction as to “why Steve’s set list was all about blokes? Well, this next one is for mamma that’s got a squeeze box.” I was never really a fan of this song but it happens to be their only international number-one hit. There seems to be quite a few sexual double entendres so maybe that’s why it made it to number 1 in Canada and number 2 on the Irish charts. “The Kids are Alright” came next and while it never charted very well it did become a rallying cry for English youth in the 1960s. It also became the name of the documentary for the band in 1979. Again, not a fan favorite but it does have a more cult-like following.

Then came my favorite song of the night and my favorite of all Who songs. But first a little background, you know how some songs are often misunderstood? OR people think the lyrics are one thing, but they’re really saying something else? Well, as a teenager, my close friends and I had our song, our own lyrical chant. It was our tribute to the greatest memories we made in “Gary’s Basement.”

One of my best friends then and still today, 50 years later, is Gary DeJohn. He lived around the corner from me and a handful of our very tight kit friends. His address was 69 Boyden Avenue; I am not making that up. To say that quite a of us experienced many “firsts” at Gary’s house would be an understatement.

Pete Townshend wrote Baba O’Riley as a combination of two of Townshend’s philosophical and musical influences: Meher Baba and Terry Riley. I actually just learned this as I could never understand why the song was called that. The working title was and is more appropriately called “Teenage Wasteland.”

Townshend stated in an interview that “Baba O’Riley” is about the teenagers at Woodstock. It was not meant to flatter but many took it as homage to teenage celebration – well, so did my Maplewood crew. So here’s how I hope to change this song for you forever. Instead of singing the chorus of Teenage Wasteland insert the words, “Gary’s Basement.” “Gary’s Basement, Oh Yea, it’s only Gary’s Basement {2xs} – we’re all WASTED!” If my buddies are reading this they’ve all got BIG SMILES.

On a side note, pun intended, I’ve actually added it to our own set list for my band; we’re called A.D.D. which stands for Attention Deficit Disorder. If you’re offended by that or we ever play an insurance convention, you can also think of us as Accidental Death and Dismemberment. Who is the oldest teenager in America? That would be me, yours truly, Richie Schwartz.

The great Who concert in the Silverman’s backyard on the water was closed out with Summertime Blues, Young Man Blues and My Generation.

My Generation was named the 11th greatest song by Rolling Stone Magazine from its list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. There is no doubt that it represented a generation then and still could today. It is about trying to find a place in society and while “I hope I die before I get old” was really meant with “old” to mean “very rich.” What else can you say about some of our aging rockers many of whom have entered their 70’s – not the 1970’s – their individual ages are in the 70’s.

Where are the great bands of today?! I’m sorry but they just can’t compete with Rock ‘Roll Royalty. Roger Daltrey and his Who band were exceptional the other night. “Long Live Rock!”

Bipartisan bill to warn against phone scams

Assemblywoman Amy Handlin and Senator Vin Gopal, in a bipartisan effort, have introduced legislation to combat scams and protect residents.

The bill (S2838/A4185) requires telecommunications service providers to warn residential customers of potential scams or other frauds committed through use of these services. Specifically, this bill requires a telecommunications service provider to publish a statement on every bill sent to a service subscriber within New Jersey describing the potential for active scams that the service provider may be aware of, to the best of the knowledge of the service provider, or other types of suspected fraud that may be committed through the use of a telecommunications service offered by the service provider.

“We have seen a steady increase in the number of scams targeting New Jersey residents, particularly our seniors. This is unacceptable and we must work to ensure we are doing everything within our power to protect New Jerseyans,” said Assemblywoman Handlin. “Telecommunications providers that benefit from New Jersey residents have a responsibility to ensure residents are informed of the dangers of potential scams. This bill is a significant step forward in protecting our residents and their private information.”

“New Jerseyans are regularly subjected to scammers looking to steal personal information or money from our hardworking residents,” said Senator Vin Gopal. “This is a serious issue that has the potential to impact everyone here in New Jersey. In establishing this requirement, we will not only protect our consumers but hold our telecommunications providers accountable as well. I look forward to working with Assemblywoman Handlin to combat this issue and protect our residents.”

The warning statement is to include information as determined by the Director of the Division of Consumer Affairs by regulation, and is to include, but not be limited to, contact information for the division and other appropriate State or federal government agency for customers of service providers to report a suspected scam or other types of fraud.

To raise awareness for their bill, Assemblywoman Handlin and Senator Gopal will visit senior communities in Monmouth County this fall, where they will engage with seniors directly and discuss their legislation.

38 graduate city’s lifeguard academy

By Neil Schulman

Long Branch — On Wednesday, Long Branch welcomed 38 graduates of the City of Long Branch Ocean Rescue Surf Lifesaving Academy, who had proven they had what it takes to become lifeguards.

Long Branch welcomed its newest lifeguards, who completed a challenging 40-hour certification course. Standing, left, is chief instructor Dr. Gene Hession.

Chief instructor for the course Dr. Gene Hession says that it’s not a simple task to be certified as a lifeguard in the city. This is a U.S. Lifesaving Association Certified Training course, which takes 40 hours of work. Half of that is in classes, the other half are beach drills, including a timed 500-meter swim.

“We are the only USLA certified training program in the state of New Jersey,” Hession says.

The highlight of the classroom part of the academy is a lecture, via Skype, from Dr. Justine Sempsrott, an expert on drowning and the art of resuscitation, who has been recognized with awards such as the National Drowning Prevention Alliance’s 2015 Lifesaver of the Year.

Academy students also needed to review a 370 page manual, and pass a multiple choice test to receive their diplomas.

Besides Hession, other instructors included Bryan Gleason, Robbie Whitacre, and Elizabeth Racioppi.

Over the last five years, more than 100 lifeguards have graduated from Long Branch’s course.

Many of the graduates posed for a photograph on Wednesday morning, by lifeguard rescue shacks near the Morris Avenue beach, after receiving their diplomas .

Public Works News Paper Shredding Day; City teams-up with Recycle Coach

Long Branch — The city Department of Public Works has announced a Paper Shredding Day, for city residents only, will be held Sat., Aug. 4, from 9 a.m.-1 p.m., or until the truck holding the shredded documents is full.

Recycle Coach tells you how to sort trash, and reminds you when to pick up is in your neighborhood.

Is it time for you to dispose of confidential documents and old files? Bring your documents to be shredded on location in the mobile truck. Don’t be a target of identity theft.

The event is for those who live in Long Branch only; proof of residence must be shown.

There is a 100 pound limit per car. Remove large binder clips; staples and paper clips can remain.

Shredding Day takes place in the Long Branch High School Parking Lot, on Indiana Ave. off Bath Ave.


Recycle coach

Wonder if you can recycle a styrofoam takeout container? Unsure of how to get rid of old furniture, or what to do with used paint cans? Do you always forget when to put the recyclables out?

The answers, for Long Branch residents, to all these issues are now at your fingertips.

Long Branch has now teamed up with Recycling Coach. Get the information you need on to your phone or computer, in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

In addition to what can be recycled, what needs to be taken elsewhere, how to deal with bulk trash, and other sorting questions, you can get reminders for collection dates sent to your.

Visit the Long Branch website,, for more information. Go to Public Works under Departments. Garbage and Recycling Information.

Recycler Coach is also available as an app for your smart phone, and can be configured to work with Alexa and Google Home.





Attempted armed robbery in Ocean

A township man has been accused of attempted armed robbery and drug possession following an incident on June 30.

According to the Ocean Township Police Department, at approximately 4:34 a.m., police officers responded to the Blue Swan Diner on a report of a man who was threatened with a handgun. The victim had been in the Twinbrook Apartment complex when someone brandished a handgun and attempted to rob him.

The victim fled on foot and ran to the diner to report the incident. A description was provided to the responding officers and Officer David Marino located a subject fitting the description who was later identified as Lawrence Moton, 29, Ocean Township.

Police say further investigation revealed that Moton was in fact the accused and he was charged with the following offenses: Robbery, Possession of a Weapon, Unlawful Possession of a Weapon, Aggravated Assault, Possession of Cocaine and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

Officers involved in the investigation included Police Officers Arthur Barnek, David Marino, Glennis Polanco, Alicea Angelo, Sergeant Dimitrios Kelesidis along with Detectives Raheem Carter and Gregory Martone.

Man is accused of car burglaries

Ocean Township — A Neptune man has been accused of attempted car burglaries, after surveillance systems and a “find my iPad” app helped lead police to him.

According to the Ocean Township Police Department, on July 9, police responded to a Naomi Road residence for an attempted burglary to a motor vehicle during the overnight hours.

The homeowner’s surveillance system alerted them to movement in the driveway. On their surveillance footage, a man was observed attempting to enter their locked vehicle that was parked in the driveway.

Detective Chris Brady was assigned to further investigate.

Later that day, a resident in the same neighborhood reported a burglary their unlocked vehicle, also overnight, in which the suspect took an ipad. The homeowner used the technology installed in the device (“find my ipad”) which was able to locate the iPad at a residence in Neptune Twp.

Further investigation identified John Reid Jr., 39, Neptune, as the accused in the burglary. Reid was located and taken into custody without incident. Police say he was found to be in possession of the stolen iPad and was charged with two counts of attempted burglary, one count of burglary, and one count of theft.

In addition to Det. Brady, Officer Matthew Guido, and Detectives Michael Legg and Steven Walker were involved in the investigation.

Excessive vans and trucks cause concerns

By Neil Schulman

West Long Branch — Several quality of life concerns, from an excess of trucks and vans on residential streets, to bamboo intruding onto neighbor’s lawns, were discussed at the June 20 Borough Council meeting.

Councilman John Penta presented a slideshow of numerous places in the borough where commercial trucks or vans were parked on the street, or on residential properties.

One house had three large vans in the driveway in front, and another truck visible in the back. A house visible from Frank Antonides has vans that several at the meeting said were an eyesore.

The borough has received numerous complaints about properties on West Campbell Avenue. Mayor Janet Tucci said she has received calls about the vehicles on that street.

Penta said when he’s been out, “probably half a dozen neighbors approached me” to voice their unhappiness with how things look.

“I think this is affecting everybody’s ratables,” Penta said.

The borough’s ordinances about this, however, are “ambiguous,” and hard to enforce.

The borough is going to try to craft a new ordinance. Councilman Christopher Neyhart said its goal would be “trying to find something that’s not going to hurt anybody, but at the same time [prevents a property] loading up half a dozen commercial vehicles.”

* * *

In another quality of life issue, the borough has gotten calls from a resident who complained that their neighbor’s bamboo has grown into their yard.

Borough Attorney Greg Baxter said he wasn’t sure any regulations in the borough dealt with bamboo.

“We’d almost have to have a separate ordinance just on that.”

* * *

The borough has applied for a grant to get sidewalks on Throckmorton Avenue. While it is a side road, it is used a lot by people going to Frank Antonides, Betty McElmon and Shore Regional schools.

“I can tell you two teachers off the top of my head who have had accidents at that corner” by Shore Regional, said Councilwoman Susan Juliano.

Pallone takes office July 1

By Neil Schulman
Long Branch — John Pallone will be sworn in as Mayor of Long Branch, along with a new City Council slate, on July 1, 2:30 p.m. at City Hall.
Pallone was elected mayor on May 8, defeating 28-year incumbent Adam Schneider. Pallone has been a councilman for the last eight years.
Councilwoman Dr. Mary Jane Celli, who ran with Pallone is the sole returning council member. New council members being sworn in for their first terms are Bill Dangler, Rose Widdis, Mario Vieira and Anita Voogt.
If you can’t make it to the ceremony, Pallone has said that it will be recorded for broadcast on social media.

Mean Girls star teaches Seashore Campers how to star on Broadway

Long Branch — Aspiring young actors have a real treat in store if they are enrolled at Seashore Theatre Camp this summer.

Creative Commons 2.0 license photo by Theme Park Tourist ( Kerry Butler, star of Mean Girls on Broadway, at a February 2017 performance in the Epcot Center.

To kick off the first week of their program, Tony nominated Kerry Butler, one of the leads of Mean Girls, will conduct master acting classes to teach them techniques that have made her one of the most sought after stars on the Great White Way.

Her workshops will take place June 28 and July 19 from 10-11:30 a.m. in Seashore’s Theater “On Broadway” — 410 Broadway in Long Branch, that is.

“I love working with kids because their enthusiasm is infectious,” an effervescent Butler said. “I was nine when I started acting and still take lessons to this day because you can always learn more.”

Mean Girls is her 11th Broadway show. After doing commercials, television and graduating from Ithaca College where she majored in musical theater, she toured with the musical Oklahoma! in Europe as Ado Annie and debuted on Broadway as Miss Jones in the musical Blood Brothers.

Butler went on to originate the role of Belle for the Toronto production of Beauty and the Beast, where she was nominated for a DORA Award, and then transferred to Broadway. She also played Eponine in Les Miserable and Penny Pingletown in Hairspray, where she was singled out of the star studded cast for her “sparkling performance,” earning nominations for the Drama Desk and Outer Circle Awards, and winning the Clarence Derwent Award.

As Audrey in the Little Shop of Horrors, Butler received an Outer Critics Circle nomination. And her role in Xanadu, which required singing, dancing, alternating between three accents and roller skating almost the entire show, was nominated for the Tony Award for Best Peformance by a Leading Actress in a Musical and the Drama League Award for Distinguished Performance.

In addition, Butler briefly played Sherrie in Rock of Ages, and reprised the role of Brenda Strong in Catch Me If You Can, where she was nominated for another Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Featured Acress in a Musical.

She shared a stage with James Earl Jones, Candice Bergman and Angela Lansbury as Mabel Cantwell in Gore Vidal’s political drama The Best Man, and was Marianne in the musical comedy Disaster! before being cast in Mean Girls as Ms. Norbury (played by Tina Fey in the film), Mrs. Heron and Mrs. George, where she has been recognized by reviewers for her standout performance in three very different roles.

Of all of these shows, roles and being nominated for one award after the next, what was her favorite?

“Hairspray. I liked playing Penny,” Butler said.

Seashore Theatre Camp is ecstatic about her upcoming visit. While her list of accomplishments are endless, this renowned Broadway star appears remarkably unaffected by her success, is easy to talk to, down to earth and nice.

“We are thrilled to have someone as talented as Kerry come to our theatre and share techniques with our campers,” founding Theatre Camp Director Renee Harrison Pincus said. “As part of the class children will learn acting, singing and dance skills that will take their August 10-12 performance of Mary Poppins to a much higher level. In addition, they will have a chance to ask questions and get tips about auditioning for roles on Broadway.”

And there is more. Butler has arranged to have campers participate in a Meet and Greet with the cast after they see Mean Girls August 15.

“While we have had the privilege of taking workshops with Tony nominated stars like Chad Kimball last year in Come From Away and Memphis right after it won the 2010 Tony, this is the first time a Broadway star is teaching a class in our theatre on our stage,” Harrison Pincus said. “There are no words that describe the excitement the 34 children in our program feel about meeting her,” she said.

According to Harrison Pincus, this is the 12th season for Seashore Day Camp’s Theater Camp “On Broadway.”

“There is no other theatre camp that offers this scope of opportunities,” she said. “Along with spending seven weeks rehearsing daily for large scale shows that bring the house down year after year, children see Broadway matinees including this year’s Frozen and Once On This Island and participate in workshops at New York City rehearsal studios with stars in the shows they see. To give them a complete summer experience, they take swim lessons, cool off in the pool pavilion in afternoon free swim and participate in special events every Friday.

Seashore Theatre Camp is part of Seashore Day Camp, which is currently celebrating its 92nd summer. More than 45,000 children for nearly a century say their best summers have been spent at Seashore. To find out why, call 732-222-6464 or visit